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BEL Students working on fine motor skills with MakerSpace.



BEL 2nd graders creating the landform maps they sketched  out on paper.

Bel-Aire Elementary School
2018-2019 Handbook

The faculty and staff welcome you to Bel-Aire Elementary School. Please take the time to read through this handbook together.  It contains valuable information that will help you to have the best possible experience at our school. Our school welcomes parent participation and support.  Please let us know if we can assist you and your child as we work together to make this a successful school year. All parents and visitors are welcome. To ensure the safety of our students, a photo ID will be required each time you visit.

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The mission of Bel-Aire Elementary School is to maintain a safe learning environment that focuses on individual student achievement and academic expectations.

Bel-Aire Student Handbook